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Becoming an effective listener supporting image"What Did You Say?"
Becoming an Effective Listener

This resource will give you insight into how to improve your listening skills on donor visits. By reading this paper you will learn:

  •     How to avoid hindrances in effective listening
  •     Ways to identify each stage of your conversation with donors and how best to handle each one
  •     Tips on improving listening skills across the board
  •     and so much more!

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2014 Conference Papers supporting imageNCPP 2015 Conference Papers

The National Conference on Philanthropic Planning offers a myriad of educational offerings, including speaker papers from 30+ sessions!

The three conference paper offerings are from NCPP's 2015 sessions and offer something specific to what you do as a...

  • Marketing Master: "Bequests: Who Wants To Make Them & How To Get Them" - Jeffrey Lydenberg
  • Advisor: "Personalized Philanthropy Across the Disciplines: Planning for High Capacity Clients and Donors" -Tim Belber, Phil Cubeta and Steven Meyers
  • Planned Giving Specialist: "All You Need For Planned Giving You Learned in Kindergarten" - Meryl Cosentino

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2014 Conference Papers supporting imageNCPP 2014 Conference Papers

These conference papers will give you a taste of the content produced at NCPP where over 40 speaker papers are provided to attendees each year!

The three conference paper offerings are from NCPP's 2014 sessions and offer something specific to what you do as a...

  •     Planned Gift Specialist: "Are You Prepared for the Recovery in Real Estate Gifts?" - Tim Prosser
  •     Advisor: "How to Avoid the 2014 Top Charitable Estate Planning Mistakes" -Johni Hays
  •     Major Gifts Fundraiser: "The ABCs of Major and Planned Gift Portfolio Management." Kelly Wesley Taylor and Linda Speed

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Evaluation Guidelines supporting imageCharitable Life Insurance
Evaluation Guidelines

Looking for guidelines on evaluating gifts of life insurance?

Charitable gift planners are often approached with proposals that go well beyond the typical uses of life insurance in charitable giving. PPP intends that the guidelines accessed below will provide a valuable resource for charities as they determine whether or not to accept these gifts.

*The Insurance Gift Guidelines Task Force included members with various gift planning specializations and expertise with charitable gifts of insurance.

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Blended Gifts supporting imageBlended Gifts: Making the Most of This Emerging Workhorse for Major& Planned Gift Officers

Looking to learn more about blended gifts?

Maximize your donor's giving experience and enhance your own learning with this conference paper from the National Conference on Philanthropic Planning.

Explores what blended gifts are, why they are more important today than ever before, and how to weave blended gifts into donor conversations. You'll also learn how to adapt fundraising models to focus on blended gifts.

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Legacy Gift Portfolio supporting imageBuilding a Legacy Gift Portfolio from Your Annual Donor Base

Many charities that are successful with their annual giving or direct response fundraising programs are seriously challenged by underdeveloped legacy and principal gift programs.

This resource, from the National Conference on Philanthropic Planning, NCPP,  will cover the four steps to build a productive legacy and principal gift portfolio.

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The bequest pipeline supporting imageThe Bequest Pipeline: How Wide? How Long? How Strong?

Who’s in Your Pipeline?

If you work for a charitable organization, how much do you know about the pipeline for planned gifts? And how much of your “capacity” is devoted to shepherding donors and their commitments to turn their plans into actual gifts that fulfill their intent to support your work?

Read more about study by Melissa Mencotti and apply her approach to analyze your own planned gift pipeline.

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Model documents supporting imageModel Documents

  •     Model Long-term (Endowment) Gift Agreement
  •     Model Gift Acceptance Policy and Procedures
  •     Model Letter of Intent Form
  •     Model Bequest Language
  •     Investment Policy Statement

These documents are provided as a service to assist charitable organizations in developing policies, procedures and other elements of infrastructure for a philanthropic planning program.

Users are strongly urged to adapt these models to reflect the priorities, history and culture of their own organizations, and to seek counsel as necessary to insure that the adaptation meets applicable legal standard.

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